History of Northern Mississippi Biblical Training Seminars

In 1972, Bishop T.T. Scott laid before the Board of Elders and the people of the state a plan for the Bible School of Northern Mississippi which still  embodies  its  principal concerns  and  valid  goals.  He  proposed  a  school  large  enough  to  reach throughout Northern Mississippi in which the highest learning is taught.

As a result, the C. H. Mason System of Bible Training was formed.  The founders were Bishop Timothy Scott, Superintendent Frank Howard, Superintendent William Dean, Superintendent Walter Dixon, Superintendent Roy Riley, Sr., Superintendent John Scott, Superintendent Bernell Hoyle, and Pastor L. D. O’Bryant.   Superintentent Frank Howard was the founding dean of the school.

To facilitate training, schools were set up in various churches throughout the jurisdiction.  Many great pastors and teachers have taught in the schools.  After the state headquarters was built, it became the central hub for the school.  Initially, classes would take place every Saturday morning.  

Later, the name of the school was changed to Northern Mississippi Biblical Training Seminars.  Due to logistical reasons, discussion arose to re-establish sites across the jurisdiction.  As a result, three sites were formed, Moorhead, Starkville and Ripley, MS.  

After the passing of Supt. Frank Howard, Supt. Roy Riley, Sr. became the Dean of the Northern Mississippi Biblical Training Seminars.

In 2021, Elder Ezra Howard was appointed Dean of NMBTS.

The Institute seeks to glorify God and to serve His Church by preparing individuals through Christian education to serve in a Christian leadership capacity and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.