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Pathway to Graduation

Level 1 Courses

COGIC Official Manual
COGIC Doctrine
Survey of the Old Testament
Survey of the New Testament
COGIC Women in Ministry
Leadership Principles
Effective Stewardship & Time Management

Level 2 Courses

Practical Counseling
Sermon Preparation
Evangelism and Mission
Church Administration
Parliamentary Procedures
Finance Management


Spring Semester

Women in Ministry

COGIC Women in Ministry

The rationale for this course is for students to understand the purpose, structure, function, and ministries of the Women’s Department and women ministries in COGIC.

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The course will examine the doctrine of last things or as it is called, eschatology; address questions about the destiny of humankind and the fate

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Finance Matters

The official definition of financial management is the strategic planning and managing of an individual or organization’s finances to better align their financial status to their goals and objectives.

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Parliamentary Procedures

This course will teach basic principles for Order of Business, Motions, and Amendments; how to develop an Agenda or Order of Business; and how to format minutes for Meetings.

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New Testament

Survey of the New Testament

The objective of this course is to encourage the students to read the New Testament in its entirety; memorize the books of the New Testament; be able to spell the names of the books correctly; learn the introductory information for each book; and to properly interpret the different types of literature found though out the New Testament.

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"One of the most important institutions in our Jurisdiction is our Bible School."

Bishop William Dean, Jr., President


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Frequently Asked Questions

All classes will be held online using the Moodle Learning Management System.  Classes will also meet via Zoom.

The Bible Training Seminars are available to anyone who desires to register and attend.  Persons who aspire to become an ordained elder or licensed missionary are urged to attend.

The Biblical Training Seminars are open to any person regardless of their denomination.  Licensing recommendations are only for COGIC members.

There are no prerequisites to taking the classes.  All first-time students will begin at Level I.  Individual courses can be taken.

Currently, college credits are not given for the class.  A certificate will be given to students upon completion.