Finance Matters

The official definition of financial management is the strategic planning and managing of an individual or organization’s finances to better align their financial status to their goals and objectives.

In order to understand God’s ways and His purpose for the proper use of finances within the scope of ministry and personal finance, this course will provide scripture and practical knowledge that can be applied in both settings. Subject matter to be included but not limited to are as follows: Net Worth, Budgeting, Saving, Setting Goals, Credit, Debt, and other related financial topics of relevance.

The purpose of this course is to help the student to understand how to create financial security, support the work of ministry, and ensure responsible use of resources in alignment with one’s values and mission according to biblical standards concerning good stewardship. It will also provide the student with a good understanding of how to handle finances that have been entrusted to them whether it be to care for the needs of the ministry or personal.